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I really should check this blog more often - it’s generally quite interesting. Anyway, I am rather late to this whole thing, but wanted to thank you, and anyone, who’s advocating for the rights of children. Beyond just changing our laws, we ought - and must - change our manner towards children.

What legal changes do you think ought there? I’m rather an extremist on this front (have been since I was at least 15 - I’m 20 now) but I think children should have precisely the same rights as adults, tempered by a presumption of nonconsensuality when sexual contact with minor occurs, and a greater ability for children to expunge or renounce contracts. What do you believe, if I may ask?

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Great post -- thanks for sharing this! Adults need to hear these perspectives so they can have the information needed to begin shifting adult-centered worldviews toward people-centered ones.

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I have two kids, ages 18 and 15, and my wife's and my parenting style has been fairly close to what you describe. I've told some "lies" for the sake of fun (eg: Santa Claus) but very few -- I normally tried to tell them the truth about most everything. An example where this differed from what most in my society do would be talking about death. When a relative we knew died we wouldn't "hide it from the kids until the right time"; we would share it -- it is an inevitable part of the human experience.

At a young age (ages 2 to 7 maybe) we directed their media habits toward age-appropriate shows with gentle suggestions but we have not really prohibited ANY shows or books.

My goal was to raise people capable of being independent thinkers. Looking at them now, I think that was successful.

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