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Sep 6, 2021Liked by Aaron Bergman

I would reckon, at this point, I’ve somewhat evolved up to making use of google as an extension (perhaps a replacement? Oh dear) of my brain. Certainly it is the place to go to for anything mathematical, which just doesn’t stick in my mind the same way textual knowledge does. People have always used formula sheets - now we’ve got formula sheets that explain how to do it.

Likely, btw, as regards what is viewed or not, the more original things are, the less they have in common with our main interests. I suspect, secretly, (or not so secretly) we all just want the same basic articles retreading the familiar and highly charged. Angry clickbait articles always grab people’s attention. Works even for the middle of the road types like Matt Yglesias too - the ones that get the most attention are swatting down the excesses of somebody.

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